't Hooft 2019 – From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond


Confirmed speakers:

  • Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge)
  • Elena Castellani (Florence)
  • Sebastian De Haro (University of Amsterdam)
  • Dennis Dieks (Utrecht)
  • Michael Duff (Imperial College)
  • Ted Jacobson (Maryland)
  • Renate Loll (Nijmegen)
  • Klaas Landsman (Nijmegen)
  • Juan Maldacena (IAS)
  • Tim Maudlin (NYU)
  • Laura Mersini-Houghton (UNC)
  • Malcolm Perry (university of Cambridge; tentative)
  • Dean Rickles (Sydney)
  • Carlo Rovelli (Marseille)
  • Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
  • Leonard Susskind (Stanford; participating by video conference)
  • Jos Uffink (Minnesota)
  • Jeroen van Dongen (University of Amsterdam)
  • Erik Verlinde (University of Amsterdam)
  • Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg)

As Professor Gerard ‘t Hooft relishes lively debates, he was keen on us inviting speakers with perspectives that differ from his own – we expect stimulating discussions!