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't Hooft 2019 – From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond


The registration for the conference ‘t Hooft 2019 – From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond, to be held in Utrecht July 11-13 2019 is now open. ‘t Hooft 2019 will bring together historians, philosophers and physicists to share their perspectives in what promises to be a unique and important gathering, illuminating topics such as science policy, philosophy of science and historical and contemporary research in physics. Please click here to register (you’ll be redirected to an external page).

Regular participants pay 100 euros for a three-day conference which includes a basic lunch and several coffeebreaks on each day; students pay a reduced fee of 50 euros. Because of a generous grant by the Delta ITP, students pay a reduced conference-fee of 25 euros. Members of the NNV and/or Delta ITP pay a conference-fee of 50 euros.

Please note that there will be a conference dinner on Saturday the 13th. Regular participants pay 50 euros for the conference dinner; students pay a reduced dinner-fee of 25 euros.


If there are any changes in your registration, please let us know before July 8.